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Workshop 3 | Villa Rainis


Mo. 17 – Fr. 21 Nov. 2008 – Novigrad

Studio-workshop at HOTEL CITTAR, Novigrad
Accomodations in Hotels SANTA MARIA, MAKIN and CITTAR.

With kind support of the Mayor of the City of Novigrad ANTEO MILOS
& with thanks to Vanja Sverko and Family Mr. and Mrs. Cittar.

15 Projects for a Multifunctional Boarding- and Seminar-Facility with Residencies for Guests of the City and an Artists-in-Residence-Program
Instructors: Andreas Lechner & Ben Rinkens

a. Renovation of Villa Rainis
b. 150m2 of Administration for a VILLAIR NOVIGRAD – Boarding House & Residencies”
c. 140m2 for Boardings, Festivities, Seminars and Congresses
d. 100m2 for Exhibitions-, Atelier- and Studio Space
e. 6 x ca. 70m2 Guest- and Artists-in-Residence-Appartements

This will provide:
1. Keeping a maximum of exisiting trees
2. Enhancing the Park Quality that will be open to Public
3. Landscape Design corresponding to Building Design
4. Iconic Landmark-Quality at a prominent urban intersection of old and new development area of the City of Novigrad


Download LV – Broschüre

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    Dear Sirs,
    I’m writing to ask you some informations on “Villa Rainis” for some hystorical researches that I am doing.
    I would like to know when it was built, who built it and it’s story and why it is called villa: Rainis.
    I dearly thank you for any information you can give me and I send you my best greetings.

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